Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sycamore and Romaine Outreach Project

St. Paul's has an amazing outreach project that we do once a month.
On the first Wednesday of every month the "St. Paul's Seven" as they are known serve food and hope at the intersection of Sycamore Ave. and Romaine Street in West Hollywood. It's a two hour commitment and it is an experience that may transform your own life.
To sign up, go to:

Sycamore and Romaine

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Big News at St. Paul's!

I was over at St. Paul's today and was amazed at how fast the work is going! Take a look at these photos. Lots of very exciting changes. I've started this blog to keep everyone posted on what's going on at St.Paul's, to connect our community and to pass on some of the cool things I discovered during my diaconate formation program. Pass it on to anyone at St. Paul's who is interested in seeing the progress. I'll post updates on Facebook!
old driveway next to kindergarten

the old pavilion area

the driveway between the JCPC and the school

the convent building getting ready to come down

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Where are we going to have lunch?

Another cool photo from Sue BJ.
Looks like a new beginning at SPA!

I guess I won't be using the phrase "in the pavilion" any longer. 

What is Prayer?

What is Prayer?
No one says it better than Richard Rohr.

                        Father Richard Rohr

join the conversation...

St. Paul the Apostle parish is being 'rebuilt' in many ways. We are in an exciting time of change and rebirth. Through this blog I'll keep you posted on the changes I am seeing. What changes have you seen lately?
Site of the old beer booth.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Our new deacon — Danny Amos

From: St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Community

Deacon Danny was ordained a permanent deacon at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels on Saturday, June 8, 2013. He is now assigned to serve here at St. Paul the Apostle parish.

Deacon Danny and his wife Stacey Amos joined St. Paul the Apostle parish in 1980. Their children, Patrick (’99), Amylee (’01), and Riley (’06) all graduated from St. Paul Elementary school. Stacey has been a second grade teacher here at St. Paul’s school for seven years. Deacon Danny is a lawyer and owner of the Higher Legal lawyer referral service located in Westwood Village.

Deacon Danny will be serving our St. Paul’s community by continuing to serve as the kindergarten grade chaplain at St. Paul’s school. He will continue his outreach work serving the homeless at the Sycamore and Romaine outreach project as well as serving on Wednesday nights providing pro bono legal services through the UCLA Mobile Clinic.

Deacon Danny will begin his new service in our parish by presiding at weddings, baptisms and assisting at Mass. He also hopes to perform house blessings, home prayer services and renewing marriage vows. You can reach Deacon Danny at