Tuesday, July 9, 2013

People: John O'Keefe

Patti and John O'Keefe
Please keep our buddy John O'Keefe in your prayers today. John was diagnosed with a skin cancer and is having a procedure and some further testing up at UCLA today.

John is a renaissance  man who has had an incredible impact on St. Paul's including being one of the founders of the St. Paul's School Foundation and the St. James Inn. John has served on virtually every committee that exists and is one heck of a special guy. His daughters all went to St. Paul's school and John and his beautiful wife Patti are regulars at the 9:30 Sunday mass. John also attends the daily mass after which you can catch him at Peet's Coffee in Westwood Village which he like to refer to his 'second office'.

John, if you read this (which we know you won't since you never open your computer) we love you pal and we've got you covered with prayers from every angle! We'll miss you at the O'Groats Business Breakfast this morning, but we'll have an extra pancake in your honor!
Grace + Peace to you buddy! 

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