Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What the YELP is going on at St. Paul's?

I recently did a YELP search for a Catholic Church in our 90024 parish zip code.
That's a way a lot of people could find our amazing church.

Obviously I figured that St. Paul's would come up first, right?
In fact, St. Paul's didn't even come up on page one. What the YELP is that all about!
It seems like we don't have any reviews about our parish so we don't come up.

St. Paul's was unfortunately way down the list at No. 19 behind some of these folks:

1. St Timothy's church in the 90064.
3. The "Core" Christian Church in the 90232.
4. St. Monica's
7. St. Thomas Episcopal
12 Agape International
19. St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church

To check it out just go to YELP and search for 'Catholic Church' and '90024'
Let's let the world know who we are!

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