Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fantastic Group at Sandwich Builders!

Tonight was a wonderful night at Sandwich Builders! A massive crowd turned out to build lunches for the homeless. Lead by Jim and Elizabeth Burgess the volunteers made over 1,000 delicious lunches in record time. Many thanks to Sue BJ who inspired the troops!

We had a massive group...

The music was rockin
and made for a festive atmosphere. 

...and everybody pitched in.

We made well over 1,000 sandwiches... less than 40 minutes! 

Everybody pitched in, parents and students.

Including a great crew that created beautiful prayer cards.

Great job on the prayer cards! 

We filled the Burgess van with so many lunches the axle almost broke! 

And Sue BJ never stopped working and never stopped smiling! 

Everybody had a ton of fun! 

And it was awesome to see Daniel and Ariane Noji
who's son Holden was recently baptized at St. Paul's!! 

Many thanks and God bless to all who came out this Friday
night to an amazing Sandwich Builders outreach !
Hope to see everybody next month.

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