Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sycamore and Romaine outreach

Many thanks to Rick Bisetti, David Tilles and Theo Laksmana
for the fantastic work they did at the Sycamore and Romaine
outreach project last night!
Theo, David and Rick really rocked it! 
Rick was a fantastic manager...
Theo was the finisher...

...and David mastered the art of salad making! 

Hundreds of people enjoyed a great hot meal. 
Rick made sure it was a well run team!

...although he kept pushing the frozen coconut milk to go with each meal!

...and Daivd was thrilled when we finally
found the lost green beans!

Someone also hid the last tray of Starbucks desserts but Theo found them!

After serving we all went back to the kitchen
 (disguised as an auto repair and smog shop)
to help clean the pots and pans.

...and in the great Tilles family tradition,
David wouldn't quit until it was all cleaned up.
Great work from tonights team!
Thank you. 

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