Saturday, March 22, 2014

Massive Group at Sandwich Builders!

Many thanks to the hundreds of parents and children who showed up last night to volunteer at Sandwich Builders! It was one of the biggest groups we've had and it was a ton of fun. With the music blaring and everyone pitching in we made over 900 complete lunches and over 1,200 sandwiches in just under one hour! Great job everyone! All of those goodies are being delivered this morning all over Los Angeles to people who need a little help and a little hope. Your delicious lunches and beautiful prayer cards are just what is needed. Blessing to all!

And a special BIG THANK YOU to Jim & Elizabeth Burgess who have been running Sandwich Builders now for so many years! Thier countless hours of dedication have been a true blessing to our St. Paul's Community as well as to people all over the city. Did you know that through their leadership Sandwich Builders programs have been started at Fox Studios and USC! Jim & Elizabeth, you are a shining example of God's light in this world! Thank You!

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