Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Church - Old Church: Bishops Opinions Differ on Family, Marriage & Sexuality

It is an exciting time in the Catholic Church!  All Catholics in the world were recently asked by Pope Francis to complete an online questionnaire about the dynamics of family, marriage and sexuality.

The results will be discussed by the Bishops of the world in October. Results have been slowly trickling out and have stirred a wave of new discussion about how our Church should change to make it self more relevant to the needs of today's world.

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Some of the Bishops quoted in the article demonstrate the difference of opinions on these issues between the younger and older Bishops. In a quote from 50 year old Bishop Stephan Ackermann he states: "The responses showed “quite clearly” that for the majority of the faithful the church’s teaching on moral sexuality was “repressive” and “remote from life.” 
But 71 year old Bishop Heinz Algermissen responded by saying that "the questionnaire on his own was “counterproductive." 

Looks like this Lent will be a time of great meditation and reflection for all! 

For more about responses to the questionnaire see this article: NCR

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